What’s in a Name? | The Meaning Behind Pervida

“For Life”.  Two simple words packed with tremendous meaning for our team and beverages. Our brand name, Pervida, translates to “for life” in our Founder’s native language of Catalan. It speaks of his roots, his dedication to health and wellness over the course of his career, and our team’s commitment to supporting health style for all.


While our brand name makes so much sense now and feels so natural, arriving at this point was a bit of a journey. The day we finally settled on our name still stands out in our memory. Our team was sitting around our conference room table, after a grueling day of meetings. Everyone in the room was feeling taxed and mentally exhausted from the day. However, our Founder, Josep Bassaganya-Riera, was insistent it was time to settle on a name, once and for all. While we sat fidgeting in our seats, afraid we had no creativity left to give, Josep’s insistence gave us the final push we needed.


We came to the conclusion our brand name needed to be memorable and packed with meaning. Our Chief Operating Officer, Lee Sandstead, had the idea to consider terms that represent health, wellness, and vitality of life. After sharing these thoughts he turned to our Founder and asked, “Josep, how do you say ‘for life’ in Catalan?” Josep responded, “Per Vida” — that was the moment we knew we were on to something.


The connection of Per Vida – now Pervida – to Josep’s native language speaks volumes about our brand and the far-reaching significance of who we are. Josep was born and raised near Barcelona, a place he describes as a “diverse, multicultural, European, and Mediterranean city.” Josep further explained, “Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and one of the engines of economic development in Europe.” Pervida is a beautiful reflection of Barcelona and the Catalan culture.


We argue that Barcelona is categorically different than any other place, just like Pervida is categorically different than any other beverage. The Mediterranean climate is incredible, lending itself to typically clear skies, mild winters, and hot summers. Even when temperatures are “fred” (cold, in Catalan) they are still well above freezing. Are you getting a mental picture of what it feels like to be in Barcelona? This is exactly how we want you to feel when enjoying a Pervida beverage— a perfect and refreshing blend.


Barcelona is also configured to support fitness and health style. The layout of the city includes ample sidewalks and benches to encourage pedestrians. There is also a bicycle fleet incorporated into the public transportation system. Barcelona makes it easy and convenient to embrace a healthy life—just like our beverages. Pervida beverages includePomegranate Seed Oil, which contains punicic acid. This patented technology is rich in antioxidants, supports the immune system, and maintains gut health. Our beverages are also shelf-stable without the use of preservatives, which means our health water is convenient to keep on hand and makes choosing health much easier.


Finally, the people of Barcelona know how to embrace life and live it to the fullest. In late summer, there are 24-hour street parties that fill the neighborhoods as part of “The festes de Gracia.” It is also common to find Catalan cultural events spontaneously throughout the city, like people spinning lit firecrackers, giant puppets, and human towers. You can also take a brief escape to the beach in the middle of the day to refresh and recharge.  Barcelona and the Catalans are full of vibrancy and joy—two things we want each person to experience. Our goal with Pervida is to make it possible by supporting health style.


There you have it! The significance of our name is found in the tight connection between Barcelona, the Catalan people, and our commitment to promoting vibrant living. We are excited for you to pursue a life that is rich, meaningful, and healthy and hope to support you in this pursuit with Pervida beverages. So with that, we must say salut—or cheers—to Pervida and to life!

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