The Power of Pomegranate Seed Oil

The Significance of Gut Health | #GutHacking
February 21, 2018
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March 10, 2018
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The Power of Pomegranate Seed Oil

It is not typical for a beverage company to win a prestigious award specific to technology. However, our team was recently given this honor as the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce 2017 Technology Company of the Year.


The technology behind our flagship product, Pervida Immune Citrus, maximizes on the patented benefits of cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil. Infused with the scientifically proven immune properties of cold-pressed PSO for gut health. Pervida, unlike any other beverage on the market, holds two patents related to the benefits of punicic acid (PUA), found in PSO, in supporting the immune system and promoting gut health.


“This groundbreaking product hit all four tech categories:  one, a product in the market; two, it had a patent; three, secured funding; and four, a company that we want in our own backyard,” said Sharon Scott, Executive Director of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce.


“Pervida has made great strides in 2017 by launching its flagship product, Pervida Immune. The first one in a pipeline of innovative functional waters. I am deeply honored to accept the 2017 Technology Company of the Year award,” said our President & CEO,  Josep Bassaganya-Riera.


With our headquarters in Blacksburg, Va., we have received a tremendous outpouring of community support since we began our journey and launched our flagship product. Pervida Immune is now available directly through our website, in five Amazon warehouses, including a strategic vendor partnership with Amzaon, and in 200 independent accounts. The excitement of local retailers to feature Pervida within their stores has supported the national distribution of this revolutionary functional water.

“The support and excitement for Pervida within our local community has undoubtedly contributed to our success with national distribution. Montgomery County is a place Pervida is proud to call home,” said Josep.

We have felt extremely supported and have been honored by other major recognitions within the last year. We were a 2017 NEXTY Finalist, in association with the Natural Products Expo East and the New Hope Network, which was a major industry recognition.


Josep said, “Pervida is disrupting a $15 billion beverage business by incorporating the concept of beverage as technology, which is supported by sound science and proprietary, patented ingredients. This award recognizes and honors the tremendous amount of work the Pervida team has dedicated to advancing our mission.”


We launched Pervida Immune Citrus in 2017 as a categorically different beverage. Our functional water promotes gut health and immunity by incorporating Pomegranate Seed Oil, which contains a potent antioxidant, punicic acid. In addition to the gut health and immune health benefits, Pervida is also zero calorie, contains no artificial sweeteners, is vitamin enriched and high in antioxidants. We often hear people describe our beverage as crisp and refreshing. It is flavored with small batch craft fruit essences and is lightly carbonated.


Based on the success of Pervida Immune Citrus, we are expecting to release two new flavors in the first half of 2018, Berry Acai and Hawaiian Blue Ginger. Additionally, a new product line targeting sugar control is in development, with an expected release within the first half of 2018.


Yes, we’ve been very busy and don’t expect to slow down anytime soon. We are excited to close out 2017 in such a positive way–with so much promise on the horizon for 2018.

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