Pervida Natural Immune Booster Drinks - 6-pack mixed sampler
12-Pack Pervida Mixed Sampler
May 17, 2018
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February 4, 2019
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6-Pack Mixed Sampler



Get all three flavors: Hawaiian Blue Ginger, Berry Acai and our best-selling Citrus in one great case of six.

Nutritional values

The gut is the seat of your body’s immune system and it affects every aspect of your health – physically and emotionally. Pervida Immune Health Waters are infused with the scientifically proven immune properties of pomegranate seed oil for gut health through hydration.

  • Targets your immune system
  • Supports Gut Health
  • Zero Calories
  • Lightly Carbonated

Revolutionary and innovative functional water that capitalizes on the patented technology of pomegranate seed oil for immune gut health. Blended with small batch craft fruit essences and triple filtered sparkling water for perfect hydration.

Why Pervida?

We all experience gut feelings. Whether “gut instinct” or “butterflies in your stomach” the gut-brain relationship is one of the strongest in your body. In fact, your gut is the only organ to have its own nervous system other than the brain.

The Japanese people believe that the gut is the seat of the mind and soul. Immune support for gut health is necessary to insure a balance in both the gut and the mind.

  • Digestive disorders are the top reason to visit a doctor.
  • Gut health and immune health are intertwined.
  • 70% of the body’s immune cells reside in digestive track.
  • 74% of Americans live with digestive disorders.