Discover the Power of Pomegranate Seed Oil

Pomegranate Seed Oil Benefits Harnessed for centuries for its natural ingredients, pomegranate seed oil is now making a comeback in the modern marketplace as consumers begin to rediscover its health-boosting impact. Our team at Pervida has researched pomegranate seed oil over many years, and we’re now bringing you products infused with the nutritional value of pomegranate seed oil to ensure you experience its many benefits.

The benefits of consuming pomegranate seed oil in Pervida include:

  • Overactiveinflammation Responses

Pomegranate seed oil has been shown to help reduce overactive inflammatory responses, allowing your body to allocate its immune resources elsewhere. Overactive inflammatory responses can cause pain, discomfort, bloating and diarrhea! You’ve most likely experienced some degree of overactive inflammatory responses in your life, whether that is a sensitivity to gluten or soy, a mild allergy, or maybe an inopportune bout of food poisoning. Pervida Immune can help to curb those inflammation responses so that they don’t flare up quite so dramatically, and it will allow your body to put those resources of the immune system to better use.

  • Contains naturally occurring nutrients

Pomegranate seed oil contains many vitamins and minerals, including small amounts of B1, B2, C, and potassium. In addition to its gut health benefits,  pomegranate seed oil is naturally anti-carcinogenic and helps to maintain circulatory and hormonal health when consumed as part of a steady diet. Pomegranate Seed Oil is not found in pomegranate juice, either—we’re the only beverage in the world to contain it!

  • Rich an anti-oxidants

You require anti-oxidants to help protect your cells and keep your body in good working order. . Pomegranate seed oil contains high levels of anti-oxidants which are the key for fighting those overactive inflammatory responses. There are many different types of anti-oxidants with a wide range of function, and punicic acid is especially powerful as an immune boosting agent in the gut.

  • Gut health synergy

Pervida Immune backs up its pomegranate seed oil with a number of other factors to increase its bioavailability and effects. The vitamin blend that we use was chosen because of its ability to boost immune function. The carbonation boosts bioavailability by reducing the droplet size for easy absorption by your cells and also helps soothe an upset stomach.

Take the time now to review the many beverage options offered at Pervida. We offer a complete selection that is sure to taste great and provide the ideal health-boosting impact you require throughout your busy life. To learn more about the many benefits our customers receive through Pervida, contact us today!

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