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The trend in functional beverages has grown significantly in recent years. Here at Pervida, we’ve developed a signature taste that combines the health benefits of pomegranate seed oil with delicious natural flavors to create an unparalleled product. Pervida is one of the few pomegranate drinks on the marketplace made from natural pomegranate seed oil, and we’re now introducing our new product to health-focused communities across the country.

Why Choose Pervida?

Great Taste
We’ve spent decades perfecting our formula, which combines the great taste of pomegranates with natural flavors. The light carbonation offers a crisp, refreshing element that quenches thirst and enlivens the taste buds.

Enhances Gut Health
Another clear benefit to drinking Pervida is that it can improve gut health. The product contains natural pomegranate seed oil, which has been shown in hundreds of studies to help maintain a healthy gut. In addition, the product also contains punicic acid, which helps support the immune system. It’s your great-tasting, health-boosting beverage.

Zero Calories
Our research team has taken the time to put together ingredients that taste great and have zero calories, helping you stay focused on your health goals for the years ahead.

Ready to become one of the millions of people now making Pervida a part of their everyday healthy lifestyle? Choose your flavor today and order one of the market’s top functional beverages online.

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