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Pervida Sugar Harmony – Coming Soon!




BLACKSBURG, VA (September 10, 2018) –  Pervida, the award-winning functional beverage company, is pleased to announce the launch of its new line, Pervida Sugar Harmony, scheduled for release in the Spring of 2019. Pervida Sugar Harmony is designed to support the body’s use of glucose, especially when combined with exercise. This innovative functional beverage uses an enriched fig extract to direct glucose from the bloodstream into your muscles: it can lower blood sugar levels and also increase the available fuel that your muscles have at their disposal to maximize endurance. Pervida Sugar Harmony’s secondary effect is an immunity and gut health boosting function, which has been synergized with the addition of Pomegranate Seed Oil.


Pairing Pervida Sugar Harmony with daily exercise is a great way to improve and develop a healthy lifestyle. A simple combination of Moving More, Eating Healthier, and Pervida Sugar Harmony can help your body achieve equilibrium. There is a lot of information about controlling glucose levels, and much of it can be confusing. Pervida Sugar Harmony aims to clear up some of that confusion with its clean label and many years of rigorous scientific research.


“Pervida Sugar Harmony’s enriched fig extract is a great source of abscisic acid (ABA), a naturally occurring compound from fruits and vegetables.” explains renowned nutritional immunologist and Pervida Founder, Dr. Josep Bassaganya-Riera. “ABA is found in extremely limited quantities in plants. Pervida Sugar Harmony incorporates a fig extract enriched in ABA that reduces blood glucose and improves glucose tolerance in humans.”


Approximately 92% of the U.S. population might have a deficient intake of ABA according to the dietary recommendations for fruits and vegetables. Prediabetes afflicts 86 million Americans and has recently risen to more than 3 million new cases per year in the U.S. alone. Pervida Sugar Harmony will provide a safe and effective solution for millions of people seeking to improve their blood sugar control.


Pervida Sugar Harmony will be available in one flavor, Pomegranate Orange: it will taste like fresh squeezed oranges with a bright splash of pomegranate. As with all Pervida products, it will have light carbonation, vitamins to boost functionality, and have zero calories and zero sweeteners.


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About Pervida

Pervida is a premium functional beverage company that is dedicated to creating products with scientifically proven and patented health benefits. Pervida’s flagship product–Pervida Immune–promotes gut health, supports the immune system and comes in three refreshing flavors:  Citrus, Berry Acai, and Hawaiian Blue Ginger.  Pervida can be found on Amazon or at

About Pervida Sugar Harmony

Pervida Sugar Harmony is a zero-calorie, blood-glucose controlling, gut-health boosting functional beverage with over ten years of scientific research and four patents and demonstrated clinical benefits behind it. It contains no sweeteners, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, is vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. The active ingredients, pomegranate seed oil and enriched fig extract, help you to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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