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Pervida Immune Provides Immune Support in a *Variety* of Ways

With the goal of continuing to provide immune support to patrons in need across the US, Pervida has launched new variety packs of its flagship Immune Health beverage, Pervida Immune.  These 12-pack variety packs feature each of the most popular flavors Pervida Immune has to offer:  Berry Acai, Citrus, and Hawaiian Mango. 

Formulated with patented active ingredients designed to support immune health and decrease inflammation, the Immune line has recently undergone a bold transformation, as indicated by its fresh new look. In addition to the fun and funky packaging updates, customers can enjoy a bit more punch of flavor and subtle coloring of the drinks by way of organic fruit and vegetable juices.  Hinging on the cornerstone of Pervida products, the newly enhanced Pervida Immune line remains true to its origins of “good for your health” by keeping the beverages all-natural and calorie-free; using potent anti-inflammatories to support and enhance your immune health. 

“The introduction of variety pack cases of Pervida Immune have only enhanced its viability as a top contender in the functional beverage space,” says Josep Bassaganya-Riera, founder of Pervida.  “Pervida Immune checks all of the boxes:  attractive packaging, refreshing flavor profiles, immune enhancing functionality that works at an affordable cost.  The variety packs offer buyers increased visibility on the shelf at an introductory commitment they can swallow.  Response has been overwhelming, and we have seen sales expansion in multiple markets.”


About Pervida

Pervida is an award-winning beverage company dedicated to creating and commercializing natural products with potent and proven health benefits.  Pervida’s flagship product–Pervida Immune, supports the immune system using a patented, all-natural source of anti-inflammatories for a healthy life.  

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