Pervida Goes Prime!


Pervida Goes Prime!


BLACKSBURG, VA (August 13, 2018) –  Pervida has a revolutionary and innovative solution to improving gut health, and now it is available through Amazon Prime!


Receive your gut health boost even sooner! Pervida has been working hard with the Amazon team to get Pervida Immune for gut health to you even faster. Order through Amazon Prime for free two-day shipping! Waiting for the gut health and immune support benefits of Pervida Immune is a thing of the past.


Pervida Immune is an award-winning functional beverage designed to ease your digestive discomfort with a healthy dose of our secret ingredient, pomegranate seed oil.  It’s offered in three different flavors to suite your taste:  Citrus, Berry Acai, and Hawaiian Blue Ginger.  Curious to learn more? Head over to www.Pervida.com.

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