Pervida Compared with Pomegranate Juice Drinks

In choosing your health drinks it’s important to know what the drink contains. Does that new product have the required nutritional value you expect? Our team at Pervida has significant experience in creating quality functional beverages, and within our latest post, we’ll explain the differences between Pervida and pomegranate juice drinks in the marketplace.

Pervida contains pomegranate seed oil

As opposed to pomegranate drinks, Pervida contains the pomegranate seed oil which contains the many health benefits you expect from a leading functional beverage. The pomegranate seed oil contains punicic acid, which has been shown to actively improve your gut health and has been proven to have a positive impact on your immune system. Beverages containing pomegranate seed oil can help you to maintain your health and fitness over the long-term.

None of the additives in pomegranate juice drinks

Pervida is also one of the leading healthy beverages in the marketplace because it doesn’t contain the same number of additives that some pomegranate juice drinks have. For example, many have additional sugar in the product to sweeten the taste. This not only means that the drink has significantly less nutritional value but can also mitigate any of the positive impacts that drinking the fruit juice might have had.

Pervida has zero calories

As one of the leading healthy beverages in the marketplace today, Pervida has zero calories. This means that those drinking Pervida to help maintain their fitness levels as part of a new diet will be able to consume numerous beverages throughout their workout, without the effects of potential weight gain that other thirst-quenching beverages carry.

Pervida has a great natural taste

Pervida uses triple-filtered water and the freshest ingredients to provide that ideal taste. There’s isn’t the need to sweeten the beverage with other products because the taste has already been perfected. It’s what makes Pervida the leading healthy beverage in the marketplace today.

Our team at Pervida is now helping guide our customers to achieve their health goals for the coming years. To discover more about our product line and the delicious taste of Pervida beverages, contact our team today.

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