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Pervida announces New Distribution Partner: Cumberland Gap Mountain Spring Water Company.

This exciting opportunity allows Pervida to expand our customer base and bring two of our very popular product lines, Pervida CALM and Pervida IMMUNE, to many Marathon Quick Stop Market convenience stores throughout the states of Tennessee and West Virginia.

The Quick Stop Market convenience stores are comprised of over 38 locally owned and operated locations offering Marathon fuels. The Quick Stop Market stores are operated by Greenville Oil & Petroleum, the leading multi-branded wholesale and retail distributor of petroleum products in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Click here to view a listing of the locations now offering Pervida Immune and Pervida Calm in your area:

Pervida Calm and Pervida Immune now in many Marathon Quick Stop Market convenience stores

Pervida supports the growing demand for “good-for-you” beverages that support a healthy immune system to all of our consumers. Pervida Immune gives c-store customers functional beverages that will “Support your health from the inside out.”

Formulated with patented active ingredients designed to support immune health and decrease inflammation, Pervida Immune and Pervida Calm remain true to its origins of “good for your health” by keeping the beverages all-natural and calorie-free; using potent anti-inflammatories to support and enhance your immune health.  In addition to immune support, Pervida Calm provides a relaxation and calming effect which is a benefit clearly appreciated by everyone affected by the current pandemic.  Our new distribution partner, Cumberland Gap Mountain Spring Water Company, allows us to increase access of Pervida health beverages and gives consumers a healthy “Quick Stop” option for their busy on-the-go life. 

About Pervida

Pervida is an award-winning beverage company dedicated to creating and commercializing natural products with potent and proven health benefits.  Pervida’s flagship product–Pervida Immune, supports the immune system using a patented, all-natural source of anti-inflammatories for a healthy life.  

For more information, please contact us at [email protected], follow us on social media: @PervidaHealth or visit


A locally owned beverage distributor, Cumberland Gap Mountain Spring Water Company is headquartered in Middlesboro, Kentucky.  CGMSW is also owner of Middlesboro Coca-Cola Bottling Works, where their water was first bottled in 1991. The source of their natural spring water is the pristine Cumberland Gap Historic National Park. The Gap spreads across 3 states: Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. You can find more information about Middlesboro Coca-Cola Bottling Works, Inc at their corporate website: 

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