Learn Why Pervida is the Healthiest Functional Beverage

When choosing functional drinks it’s important to consider the health impact of the latest options available within the marketplace. Our team at Pervida has completed significant research in this area of the industry and we now believe we’ve created the healthiest functional beverage. Our latest post explores what makes Pervida a leading market health drink.

Gut Health

With its Pomegranate seed oil, Pervida has been shown to help improve gut health for those millions of Americans who experience gut issues on a regular basis. The improvements are the result of the oil’s ability to nurture good bacteria within the gut and help combat the pathogenic bacteria that impact gut health over the long-term.

Lower Blood Pressure

Another clear benefit of Pervida is that it works to lower blood pressure. The product is the only drink on the market with pomegranate seed oil, which helps stimulate blood flow and improve blood pressure through regular consumption. Pomegranate seed oil is also known to reduce atherosclerotic plaque deposits on blood vessel walls,

Potential Cancer-Killing Value

While studies are in their early stages, pomegranate seed oil in Pervida has the potential to stop the growth of cancer cells by disrupting energy production to the mitochondria.

Triple Filtered

One of the leading reasons many are now trying our drink is that Pervida Immune is triple filtered. This triple filtration system helps remove any damaging elements and ensures that it’s the healthiest beverage to drink for those seeking a thirst-quenching, great-tasting option.


Another benefit of Pervida, which helps to make it one of the healthiest functional beverage options, is that it is vitamin enriched. Pervida includes vitamin D, B12, and B6. This means that you’ll discover a great tasting, healthy option that supports your active lifestyle when you choose Pervida.

Our team at Pervida is continually working to provide you with the healthiest functional beverage. To discover more about the many benefits of our market-leading product, call us today.


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