Great Tasting Pervida Now a Top Option for Gut Health and Immune Performance

We know that 70% of the body’s immune system cells reside in the digestive track. It’s for this reason it’s so important that you’re able to take care of your digestive health and to safeguard your immune system for the years ahead. Here at Pervida, we’ve created a functional drink that combines sparkling water with elements such as punicic acid, which has been shown to enhance gut health. Our drink has become a favorite with dieters, athletes and those hardworking professionals who need that healthy boost throughout the day.

If you’re one of the 74% of Americans that live with a gut health issue, it’s important you try Pervida for yourself to experience its numerous health benefits.

Here’s why many are choosing nutraceuticals such as Pervida:

  • Avoid taking medication

With the health boosting effects of Pervida, many are able to stop taking so many different types of pills each day. Pervida is enriched with vitamins and includes punicic acid, which enhances gut health over many years. This means Americans can put down the pills and start enjoying their new active, healthy lifestyle.

  • Suitable for all lifestyles

The convenient packaging and great taste of Pervida means the drink is suitable for all healthy lifestyles. You can take the product with you to work for that health boost throughout difficult working days, or you can enjoy it at home, for a refreshing taste on those quiet days with the family.

  • Great-tasting

The technology behind the latest products has evolved rapidly. This means companies such as Pervida are now able to craft great tasting functional drinks that all include all the required vitamins for exceptional health boosting effects. We’ve taken the time to research the market, and we’ve chosen to use pomegranate seed oil within our drink for the punicic acid it contains. With its gut health enhancing and immune system boosting effects, punicic acid is combined with natural fruits in our drink to create a delicious heathy option for all taste profiles.

Ready to try the latest innovation in functional drinks? Order your Pervida today.

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