Do You Pervida®?

Are you the kind of person who loves to take a beach trip during the summer months? What is it exactly about the sand between our toes, the sun on our face, and the sound of the surf that helps us feel relaxed and rejuvenated? From looking for seashells to throwing a football on the beach, to going for a run or maybe even building a sandcastle, something about the beach causes us to embrace each moment and take in the world around us. This beautiful imagery of a beach represents how our flagship beverage, Pervida® Immune Citrus, is designed to make you feel.


We have created a beverage packed with benefits, all designed to help you embrace life and live it to the fullest. Unfortunately, life can’t always be one big vacation but that doesn’t have to stop us from pursuing a vibrant lifestyle. Pervida® promotes wellness and health for those who are on the company’s softball team. Pervida® supports those who choose to ride their bike to work. Pervida® is also for the busy young professional who struggles to balance between work and overall wellness. Life is busy for us all and we must make intentional choices to refresh and rejuvenate our bodies. Choosing Pervida® Immune Citrus is choosing to support immune and gut health.


We want you to allow us to be part of your pursuit of vitality and happiness – that’s the bottom line of naturally flavored, zero-calorie, no sugar Pervida® Immune Citrus. You may have wondered about the word “immune”, which by definitionmeans, “not affected or influenced by something.” When you are at the beach don’t you feel a little untouchable or free from the stress of every day life? When you are doing what you love don’t you feel just a little bit lighter and carefree? Not only does Pervida® contribute to these feelings by tasting delicious and refreshing but by incorporating the scientifically provenpatented ingredient, punicic acid (PUA).


PUA is a rare and effective Omega-5 fatty acid. Omega-5’s can have positive effects on weight, blood sugar, and heart health. Through almost a decade of scientific enquiry, our team has demonstrated that PUA, found naturally in cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil (PSO), exerts potent digestive and immune health benefits. PSO has a demonstrated track record of effectiveness in decreasing gut inflammation and improving digestive health.


Pervida® Immune Citrus is the first beverage on the market to leverage the power of PSO! Not even pomegranate juice contains PSO – how mind blowing is that? We could go on for days about the additional benefits of PSO on the human body internally and externally. It reinvigorates skin, fights against free radicals and has wound healing properties. To put it simply, Pervida® Immune is unique, one-of-a-kind, and makes feeling good easier — it is a categorically different beverage. After all, you just have to pop the top, take a sip, and you are on your way to better gut and immune health—and if you close your eyes you may even be able to hear the waves crashing and the seagulls calling your name. So we have to ask — #DoYouPervida?

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