Discover the Great Taste of Pervida

When searching for the best healthy drink option, most choose water. But now there’s a new product that combines natural spring water with the great taste of pomegranate to support immune and gut health. Pervida has quickly become one of the healthiest water products to drink in the marketplace, and now thousands of customers are discovering our great tasting product.

Pervida Combines the Following:

  • Small Batch Craft Fruit Essences

The fruit essences within our products are specifically created to minimize sugar content while ensuring full vitamin availability. Because we don’t sacrifice taste within our recipe, we’ve created the best healthy drink in the marketplace.

  • Triple-Filtered Sparkling Water

Ensuring that the water in our product is as crisp and clear as untouched natural landscapes, we use a triple-filtration process. Our triple filtration helps remove any potentially damaging elements and provides the perfect level of hydration

  • Pomegranate Juice

The main ingredient in our industry-leading product is pomegranate juice, which has been shown to enhance both gut health and immune system performance over many studies. The data shows that 74% of Americans now live with digestive disorders, and so there’s never been a better time to explore the best healthy drink in the market.

Our team at Pervida is now offering three unique options to try: Berry Acai, Hawaiian Blue Ginger, and Citrus. Pick up your Pervida today to discover a new and delicious, healthy tasting drink!

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