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If you follow us on Instagram (@PervidaHealth) or Twitter you know that earlier in July we traveled to New York City for the Summer Fancy Food Show (#SFFS17). This trade show was an opportunity for us to introduce the specialty food community—and world at large—to our flagship beverage, Pervida Immune Citrus®.


While we were optimistic that the response would be positive, we never imagined just how much love we would be shown at this expansive trade show. The foot traffic to our booth was non-stop! We also had repeat visitors who indicated they had to come back for more. We might have even heard our can described as “sexy packaging”. Wow, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience and are truly thankful for each of you who have contributed to our success!


In the days to follow the trade show we got some excellent mentions from publications and industry thought leaders who had the chance to experience Pervida.


Supplement Police: “Pervida Immune Health Waters Pomegranate Seed Oil Gut Benefits?” We especially love this feedback because Supplement Police really gets what we are all about—helping people feel their best so they can fully embrace life! It was affirming to read this third-party review with one of our favorite sentences being, “It allows consumers to perceive a new outlook on life, as it allows one to take part in a healthier lifestyle that leaves one feeling freshened.” This is exactly why we ask, “Do You Pervida?” Our beverage is about a lifestyle of intentional choices that contribute to vitality.


Newz Trendz: “Immune-Boosting Water Beverages: Well Being Water”  This article provided a quick overview of the science behind Pervida Immune Citrus®, and therefore the gut health benefits. It states, “Pervida is aiming to set itself aside by producing an Immune Health Water that’s enriched with pomegranate seed oil.” Yes, we are setting ourselves apart as categorically different! Our beverage is refreshing and delicious while also being functional and beneficial.


“Smart Brief: Millennial snackers drive specialty food sales, trends” This article is a high level overview of the trends found at the Summer Fancy Food Show. You know what’s cool? Out of the 2,600 exhibitors we were given a nod in this article. We’re happy to stand out from the crowd because we know it is for all the right reasons. As this piece stated, our product is designed to, “to benefit digestion and immunity.” Being able to enjoy a drink while reap the benefits is the ultimate win-win.


Bev.Net: Examining Trends and Innovation at 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show Our flagship product, Perivda Immune Citrus®, found itself in another high level overview of the trends at the Summer Fancy Food Show. Specific in this article was a mention of how we are different—as we have a beverage with functional benefits backed by science.


To be embraced so fully by our industry, customer, friends, and social media followers has been incredible—and to think, the journey is really just getting started! We kindly ask you help us keep the momentum. Share with us over social media, connect with us at future trade shows (We’ll be at Natural Products Expo East, September 14-16, 2017) and let us know what you think of how Pervida tastes—and makes you feel.


Cheers to the journey! Cheers to Pervida!

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