A Guide to the Leading Natural Immune Booster Products

Our immune system functions effectively in protecting us from common health issues. But it often requires a boost, particularly for those who are under stress or have specific medical challenges. And so it’s important to find a natural immune booster within the products you use on a regular basis. In this latest post, we’ll provide our guide to the leading natural immune booster products.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Pomegranate seed oil has shown significant value as a natural immune system booster. Many people are now drinking pomegranate seed oil in their favorite functional beverages as a way to significantly increase their immune health. The product, which is the main ingredient in Pervida, has strong anti-inflammatory properties. This means it minimizes the impact of stomach problems while also protecting against progressive conditions such as arthritis.


Used in yogurt and various other products you can find in your local grocery store, probiotics can significantly improve the functionality of your immune system. Studies indicate that probiotics can work to reduce the incidences of gastrointestinal issues and to minimize respiratory problems.  While Pervida products do not contain them, probiotics can be very beneficial when it comes to the overall function of the gut, but our research shows that probiotics are not as beneficial as pomegranate seed oil.  Think of it this way: your house has mold and you paint over it. That’s probiotics. The pomegranate seed oil found Pervida–because it is a dramatic anti-inflammatory in small amounts–treats root problems, rather than symptoms. The anti-inflammatory nature of Pervida enhances gut health, thereby supporting the gut in preventing the mold in the first place.


Few of us have the luxury of being in the sun during our regular working days, but catching as many rays as possible during weekends and downtime can help to improve immune health. The studies show that 10-15 minutes of sunlight per day is enough to significantly increase vitamin D production, which can enhance our respiratory health.


Found in many food products, garlic is one of the leading natural immune booster options for those who wish to optimize their dietary health. Garlic is considered a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent and a booster of immune health for people of all ages.

Only by working with trusted industry experts can you ensure that you’re choosing the ideal products for the health of your immune system. Our team at Pervida has many years’ experience within the natural health marketplace, and we’re now offering functional beverages that support optimal health and protect your body for the years to come. To discover more about the value of Pervida and the many great flavors we have available, call today!


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